Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life, she is a trade-off

Wonderful. I have the beginnings of a cold, which means I'll have to pass on tonight's scheduled workout at the new gym. The new gym ... It's like working out at the mall, or maybe more accurately, it feeds the yuppie need to feel pampered: towels, TVs on machines, personal trainers, a spa/tanning area. Not completely spartan ourselves, Erika and I heard they had a double-decker hot tub and were immediately sold.

This means we'll be breaking off our nearly three-year relationship with the YMCA. The Logan Square Y, though possessing a great deal of heart, is not the kind of exercise facility for hurried white people like ourselves. I'll miss being able to discern the rhythms of individual members' workouts -- something entirely lost in the flood of people at the new gym. I won't miss the 90-degree machine room in July. Bon soir YMCA.

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