Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a little taste and then I'll ... read ... yes ...

Started feeling better last night and feeling more so today. I regret taking Nyquil, though, right before bed, as I'm feeling a bit stoned this morning. But I had a nagging cough and no 'tussin to ease it.

Nyquil does impart a certain stillness in its aftermath, with a more peaceful, almost dreamlike flow of thought and memory. One memory that comes to mind is seeing a kid drinking a bottle of Nyquil next to his locker freshman year.

I'm at least looking forward to hitting the gym again after a week, though tonight's the night, as I detailed in an earlier post, that we call it quits with the YMCA. It makes me sad, and that's not the Nyquil talking. I will miss the view of the Metra line and those old, low-lying factories nearby. The sight of Target from the second floor of the new gym doesn't even fill up to the 10 mL line of the 30 mL cup of life's pleasant vistas.

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tim said...

Resist the temptation to experiment with OTC drugs to enhance your writing's trippyness.