Monday, May 19, 2008


Bell's Brewery -- where I spent my 31st birthday and which lost its Chicago distributorship last year -- has been creeping back into the local market. Handlebar has had a number of their beers on tap in the last six months, and now Tuman's is carrying a wheat ale similar to Oberon. I had a couple there last night, and I think it's even better than the Big O, which was a popular seller. I might have to go back soon.

In other alcohol news, Trader Joe's has been out of our favorite pair of $4 Italian wines for a month now, leading me to believe that they may not return. I've never exerted enough effort to understand TJ's stocking policy, but we've seen delicious, popular items disappear for good before (their chocolate soy milk). In fact, the pure $4 bottle of wine is fast becoming extinct at TJ's. Considering the number of horrible mass-market wines going for $8 and up, I will miss these true bargains.

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