Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Boers of Summer

9:15 p.m. Running a slight fever. Cold still nagging. The Cubs are on.

I was going to write a post about my guilt over them beating up on the Pirates, but then Kerry Wood blew a save, and we're now in extra innings. I still feel guilty. I know you're not supposed to, especially when your team needs all the Ws it can get to scrape together some chance of winning a grossly overdue championship. But I would feel better if that 8-1 record (as of this minute) were against the Cards or Astros. The poor Pirates need a glimmer of hope of their own, having posted a losing record since the '90s. They have such a nice new ballpark, too. Ah, look at those fans leaving. Poor, poor Pittsburgh.

(1.75 hour interval)

The Cubs have lost. I shouldn't feel so bad then, yes? I'm still sick, but I did take some Nyquil. Tomorrow is another day. ... ... I wish I wasn't sick.

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