Thursday, November 02, 2006

Woundup... Not a Nice Guy

The loving couple had a fine time last night at the Rainbo. It's been too long. And tonight... well, we'll probably go to that Reader book swap. Erika and I are book people, so it seems like a match. I might be able to unload some of these music books. Yes, my collection of music culture pseud-lit sticks out like so many malformed creations on the shelves of our oaken bookcases. Jazz is all right, though. The rest... keep it.

In other news... in anticipation of next week's election, Woundup endorses Swim Cafe in its campaign for official Woundup coffeehouse over incumbent Atomix. Cafe Ballou is the third-party candidate, but has failed to gather support due to a questionable stance on zoning laws. Let's get out and vote, folks.

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