Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Time is Passing, Old Friend

You can go a little batty around midnight looking for old music footage on YouTube. Is it time to gripe? Well, as a person who came of age in an era of technological transition (the '90s), I feel that, though mass, shared archives like YouTube do benefit music fans, it makes it a little too easy. I remember I bought the first two Suicide albums on one CD at a Blockbuster Music (remember those?) in 1996. Now you can just punch it in and find it in seconds. Where's the fun in that? I suppose those of earlier generations would chide me for my own luck, having benefitted from the re-issue explosion of said '90s. I didn't have to grub through as many record store bins, for sure.

We all know where this is headed... cranial downloads. But what if you ordered Amon Duul 2 and got Brazil '66 instead?

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