Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Life on the Lay-Up Line

I recently stumbled across this blog by Phoenix Suns player Paul Shirley. Shirley is a typecast 12th man _ one of the dudes in basketball you see on the sidelines cheering in his warm-up suit while his more talented teammates lead the squad to victory.

Shirley doesn't get much playing time, and he's been shopped around constantly from team-to-team (die-hard Bulls fans will remember him on last year's roster). But he's got the writing gift and an intelligent, reflective eye.

I like his comments in the March 21 entry about the NBA's biggest problem _ too much defense (sorry Detroit fans) _ and the ugly torpor it brings to the game. Also check out the March 22 entry in which he goes to an Interpol/Blonde Redhead show in Atlanta.

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