Monday, April 11, 2005

Sweeping Away the Ennui

The past two weeks were rough, but I'm emerging from the wilderness. It's time to get back to work! I'm putting another quick polish on my play before I send it out to theater competitions.

If somebody picks "Hammered," I would be very happy, but we must learn to accept rejection as the norm. I had one short play rejected last year. Maybe I should start notching them up somewhere in our apartment to keep track...

(Erika has just finished cutting Mark's hair. She grabs the broom to sweep. It breaks in half.)

Erika: Oh dammit. (examines it closer) Did you put all these little nicks on the broom?
Mark: Yes I did. Every time my play is rejected, I put a notch on there.
Erika: But you broke it. It's all cut up.
Mark: I'm training my expectations. Muting my inner want. Blunting desire. It's going quite well.
Erika: How can I sweep? You broke the broom.
Mark: I look at this pile of hair and I see an opportunity.
Erika: I see a mess... and you're going to clean it up.
Mark: No, look.
(Mark picks up patches of hair and sticks them to his head. They fall off onto his face and shoulders)
Mark: See? Denying false negation. Reuse. Regeneration. This is life, baby.
Erika: (packing bags) I'm going home to mother. (she exits)
Mark: Time for some microwave quiche. (opens fridge)

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