Monday, April 07, 2008

Returrn to me

You knew Wound up couldn't stay down. The blogging history was too rich, the franchise too storied. So what have we been up to here at the New Cracker Factory in the intervening 10 or so months? Glad you asked. WoundUp Corp. has spearheaded a number of new media initiatives for the 18-35 youth market ...

1. MP3s ... lots of MP3s.
2. Open-source app design. Yes ... Not us, but I've read about it.
3. Pill-based media. I had this idea at the bar and wrote it down on a napkin. I'm pretty sure the FDA won't allow it, but I could do an end-around through more permissive Mexican drug boards.

But really, the truth is ... We haven't been doing anything. We've been unemployed. CEO Tom Blister shut down this site after one too many fights with the content team. Unprecedented oil revenues (Woundup Corp. has a controlling interest in Plexite/DAG Petroleum of Rotterdam) allowed senior management to pause and rethink its written content-based solution.

Over the past 10 or so months, the content team slept in till 11, laid on the couch and watched "Regis," smoked marijuana, went to brunch, tried (and failed) to read Proust and fought in court over unreleased severance pay. And Monika had a baby!

And now we return. Any changes? Yes ... No. Everything will be the same. We had some of the highest ratings ever at the time COO Franzon Metternich pulled the plug on this site. And if you're wondering whether the author is diverting precious writing energies for frivolity instead of The Task at Hand, well, that will go, as it always has, largely unanswered.

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