Friday, April 25, 2008

The Picasso of the Draft Machine

OK, I promised I wouldn't write about this, but's Bill Simmons officially is the best NBA writer in America (following the retirement of the Trib's Sam Smith, though really he probably already was). I love the NBA, and as I've told Erika time and again, the only reason I'd ever get cable is to watch games on TNT. That's why it kills me I can't see any playoff series till the finals. This is an awesome playoff year.

Here's a real gem from today's Simmons playoff column (huge bonus for comparing Dirk Nowitzki to Gabe Kaplan):

"To David West for his in-your-face manhandling of Dirk Nowitzki in Round 1, capped off by the same derisive cheek tap that Robert Conrad used to perfection after his concession speech to Gabe Kaplan in the first "Battle of the Network Stars." It's unclear if West was apologizing to Dirk or intimidating him, but we haven't seen a German back off like that since the German army fled from Russia in the winter of '44."

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