Monday, April 07, 2008

4:10 CST

M: Hello.
T: It's me.
M: What is it?
T: I'm calling you.
M: I'm at work.
T: I'm calling you from the bar.
M: I'm at work.
T: I just wanted you to know something.
T: I just wanted you to know--
M: I have to get back--
T: That I've been drinking since ... Checks watch. See if this was the stage -- you write for the stage.
M: I can't--
T: This was the stage, it would say ... "Checks Watch."
M: What do you want?
T: I've been drinking since 3 o'clock.
M: That's it?
T: No.
T: No, because you're coming down here -- You're going to be down in here in ... Checks watch. See, I did it again ... In 1.5 hours and you're going to see all of us sitting here on our bar stools. I have a bar stool and Jim has a bar stool--
Jim: Suck my dick!
T: See Jim says to suck his dick.
M: Goodbye--
T: Wait! ... Wait a second ... I almost spilled my drink. Jesus.
M: I'm busy.
T: I'm busy, too. I'm busy drinking. You're going to come down here in 1.5 hours--
M: I'm not coming down there.
T: Yes you are--
Jim: Don't be a pussy!
T: You've heard Jim's viewpoint. All right.
M: I have to--
T: Just ... just ... When you walk in that door. The swinging saloon door ... and you see us here on our bar stools. I have a bar stool--
M: You already said this.
T: Don't think ... Don't think it all just suddenly appeared.
M: What?
T: It means ... that while you were there. At the office. We began drinking. At 3 o'clock--
M: You already said this--
T: And ... things have settled in and, more importantly, they have taken a life of their own. Here. That is ... that we have gone about our drinking ... We have gone about existing ... without your presence.
M: Goodbye--
T: Wait ... and you should know ... That things happen -- all over the world -- things happen. Without your knowledge. Or your intervention. And they will continue to happen. So ...
T: When you walk through the swinging saloon doors ... stop a moment. And feel privileged ... That you've come upon an autonomous scene.
T: With no need of your involvement. Indifferent. Vigorous. In other words ...
(long pause)
M: In other words what?
T: Life--
Jim: Get your pussy ass down here!
(M hangs up)

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