Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brain-Blood Barrier Blues

Nothing like... the NBA Draft... a little anti-climactic, methinks (I think), with all of the trading the Bulls did, but I like the fire I've seen (I see) in Tyrus Thomas' eyes, because... as a couch-bound TV spectator, I've developed the ability to pick the winners based on five-second clips. It's a talent, folks.

Then... nothing like... drinking a few Miller Lites and stumbling around YouTube, looking for band videos. Found great moments from Go4, PiL, MC5, Can. Yes, it was fun. The rain came. I closed the windows. I went to the bed and eventually fell asleep.

Today... tonight? I don't know. We're going to a wedding in Cleveland (we are), this weekend. Going to see some old high school pals. Right. I'm hungry already. I've (I have) made a career as "The Lunchtime Blogger." You might've seen my profile on

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