Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sculptures for Living

We met our German connection last night, and, let me just say... you don't know where I'll be coming from next _ WeBLoGGiNG from next. Cafe Balou. BLAM. Atomix. BLAM. The back porch on a day when I've never left the house. BLAMMO.

I left the cake... I left the old '98 NEC Warhorse out in the rain on Sunday. Left the old window open _ long enough for the hail storm to get in. Suprisingly, that fine S. Korean engineering lived thru it all. Next project: transfer files from the Warhorse to the new portable console.

1998. A lot of history, folks. Do you remember what you were doing in September 1998? I was living in Gainesville, Fla. Last night the Gators won the men's basketball (BKC) championship. And the circle remains unbro... strike that.

Congratulations to pals Jason and Joyelle on their new son. Congratulations to long-time Woundup Associate Aaron K. on his enrollment in film school in New Zealand. Did I miss anyone? No? All right.

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