Sunday, April 02, 2006

Instant Heat

If you can believe it... I am filing from outside, well... there are two places I normally file from. This place, where I am right now _ this isn't one of them. But I am happy to be here.

Sundays get me down. I spend most of Sunday by myself. I make a few phone calls _ and today I was glad to talk to Tim, my folks and my grandma. But I still spend most of my time by myself. I read. And when that gets old, I listen to the radio. And when that gets old, I watch TV. And then I go back to reading. And by 6 p.m. I feel depressed. And now I feel depressed.

But I am here _ in this third location. So that's good. I didn't eat lunch, either. Have I solicted some sympathy, yet? C'mon. I'm really trying here. My agent... heh... I don't have an agent. But, well, I think I should solicit more sympathy.

Oh, rats, what a depressing post. But, it's important in that I've written somewhere outside of the regular... You see? That makes me happy. Ha. You see? Much better.

Much better.

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