Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jag-u-war Ride

Went to a reading last night. Strange for two reasons...

1. About halfway thru, realized the playwright was a former member of the ELECTRIC EELS (!!!) _ the second guitarist, not John Morton. The play incorporated snippets of his newer, Lou Reed-like songs. He snuck part of "Accident" in there, too _ one of the greatest rock 'n roll songs of all time.

2. In addition to the readers, he had two guys helping I hadn't seen 'round the theater before. One dude read stage directions, including character stage directions _ a big no-no. It went a little like this...

Sheila: I love you, Harold. Ha ha ha ha.
Stage Direction Guy: Sheila laughs.

The other knucklehead _ a fat guy with a ponytail _ played the song snippets on a tiny boombox. During the Q-and-A following the reading, this guy tried to hijack the discussion, talking about their production and marketing plans. Hey, Jack, we're here to talk about the play, so shut the fuck up...

He reminded me... nightclub people. Nightlife people. I'll never fit in with them. I've been in many bands, and I always felt alienated by the nightclub culture: Backstage area. No access. Security guards. Small talk. Pampering. Free drinks. The fantasy world. "Let's make this happen."

He rubbed me the wrong way. Naturally, when the "Accident" snippet came on _ much louder than the other tracks _ he turned it down. You would turn down "Accident," you fat fuck.

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