Thursday, April 13, 2006

Buffeted by Life's Colder Winds

It's been one of those days, folks. We must have them to have the good days. And no, not everything I've written freelance has been "Pointless" and "Depressing." But, I will pass on saying what percentage has.

More disillusionment, if humorously so...

1. The cap popped off the end of my trusty, yellow highlighter and rolled deep underneath our cubicle/workstation _ becoming virtually irretrievable without significant embarrassment (that's called VISE in my line of work). I looked at my highlighter with its black-ink-stained tip. Outside the human/living-being realm of suffering, nothing makes me sadder than the slow, drying death of a capless marker. I turned my head and threw the poor old boy in the garbage. I still feel shaken.

2. And the garbage... More than a year ago I began setting aside the millions of press releases I get each day in a pile to take them the 10 feet to the "recycling bin," instead of lazily tossing them in the non-recycling receptacle next to the fax machine. Earlier today, a co-worker mentioned that she saw the janitor dump the "recycling bin" in with the regular garbage... never to be recycled.

What else can I believe in? Maybe dinner. I'm counting down the minutes.

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