Monday, January 23, 2006

This is the Way, Step Inside

C'mon! Both the Tribune and Sun-Times have the same top sports headline referencing yesterday's NFL action _ "Routs to Detroit."

I've always suspected both papers employ moles _ insiders who tip the editors off about the other paper's sports headlines and front-page stories.

Would I become a mole if approached? Well, the benefits package would have to be exemplary, and I'd like a little more vacation time, too.


In other news, Erika and I saw "24-Hour Party People" Saturday, several years after the fact. I was expecting a massive, irritating letdown, but NO _ I thought the film engaging and playful despite the moments of strife and tragedy. Yes, they couldn't resist an Ian Curtis seizure scene.

Coincidentally, I find Joy Divsion the perfect soundtrack for my newspaper mole lifestyle. If you can picture me sneaking into the loo with my cell phone while "Atrocity Exhibition" plays, you have yourself a better understanding of what I go thru around 4:18 p.m. each day.

"Chief... It's 'Routs to Detroit'... 'ROUTS TO DETROIT--'"
(The stall door opens)

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