Monday, January 16, 2006

Day Off. Probably Won't Brush Teeth.

I'm just in the office a minute. I've got my hot tea from the corner store and am making some frozen waffles in the break room toaster. This place gets a little lonely on the weekend _ and again, it looks like someone had a party here. I'll never understand why people drink Heineken. Yuck. I just found a cribbage board coated with something sticky. I hope that's bourbon. What were they doing in here?

In the domestic realm, we're still cleaning up from Saturday's wonderful writers' group _ or rather, I am cleaning up. Erika's already done two loads of dishes. I still have to earn my keep.

To all writer pals in the area... Erika and I hold a writers' group once every 2-3 weeks early Saturday evening. It's a supportive, low-pressure environment to present things and get feedback _ and includes a vegan dinner. As it stands now, we have 1 fiction writer, 3 poets and a playwright. We accommodate any style _ fiction or non-fiction. Leave a note here if you're interested or email.

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