Friday, January 27, 2006

More Nostalgia

Despite what old '81 hardcore guys would have you believe, there still exists some element of regionalism in indie rock. Having lived in Chicago four years, I can listen to a band and generally tell if they're from Chicago.

8 years later, I feel I could still pick out a Cincinnati band. I went to more shows and saw more local bands there then at any other time in my life. Cincy bands have an element to them that cuts across their chosen genres: from snot punk to country revival. It's kind of a feeling, kind of a sound. I'm not being a good writer here, but I just can't describe it. I only know it when I hear it.

You can hear it in the work of The Ed Davis Band _ Cincinnati's first punk group. Former bass player, Bob Cotter, was a boss to Ted and I in the Xavier U. AV dept. Great guy. "Fuck Each Other" is a punk classic _ Cincinnati or otherwise

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