Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Musical Mirth

Have you ever played the rock 'n roll switcheroo game? Just imagine an integral part of one of your favorite groups swapped with another key figure in another band. Then fantasize about how the band would sound.

For example...
Neil Peart of Rush
switches with
Roland, the Big Black drum machine

Big Black w/Neil Peart
Rush w/Roland the drum machine

Fun, eh? Try it yourself. If you get any good ones, post 'em in the comments section below.


Josh said...

Oh God I love that game.

Just off the top, swap:
"Hurdy Gurdy Man"-era Donovan for "Far Beyond Driven"-era Phil Anselmo;
Nikki Sixx for Carlos D;
Jan Terri for Christina Aguilara;

Oh man folkies vs. hip-hop is a goldmine...
Pete Seeger for Chuck D (almost the same thing really);
Bob Dylan for Sen-Dog of Cypress Hill;
Peter, Paul and Bushwick Bill.


J.R. Nelson said...

hmmm armand van helden w/ dinosaur jr
captain and tennille (sp) in slint
this could get ridiculous
the corpse of burl ives in sandy duncan's eye (anyone remember them?)

tim traynor said...

chris connelly from Pigface with rick danko of the Band