Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rosenberg Eats Quiche at the Modern's Cafe, Pass It On

I got down to business last night, had a couple beers, and hit the couch afterward for some well-deserved PBS. As luck would have it, I caught most of the new American art documentary _ another rundown of 20th century icons. It was mesmerizing to see film of Duchamp and De Kooning (New York residents), along with Rauschenberg and Warhol working _ you never see footage of Warhol actually WORKING.

As an introduction, it was very compelling _ though I'm sure those involved would agree such a distillation is too simplistic. I don't mean to criticize PBS. Their documentaries can serve as tremendous jumping-off points. I was moved to discover modern theater after seeing "Changing Stages" back in 2000. What these kind of programs need are suggested reading lists. I know I could use the help in catching up on my Clement Greenberg.

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