Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Giving My Country Second... Best Crabcakes, 2005 Baltimore Arts Weekly

This has turned into a once-a-week WeBLoG. What happened? Am I... too busy on the job? A little bit, lately, but I'm never too busy. Have I... run out of ideas? It's something to consider. Or, am I... working on more important things? Well, that's a convenient excuse, and it makes me sound a helluva lot more important.

The no. 1 topic for WeBLoGers seems to be why they haven't been updating. Perfect fodder for an opera, says I (us)...

[Der Weltenschtammerer (The Blog Procrastinator)
Torvan, a young office worker, ticks away his days at his desk. Comes home and smokes weed, drinks Stella Artois and watches Comedy Central. He occasionally leaves his one-room apartment to meet friends for sushi or art openings. He enjoys reading modern magazines and taking trips to Mexico when his vacation days roll over. He rarely updates his blog.]

A waste of time? Sorry, but the libretto's already written. See you at the Civic Center.

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