Friday, December 09, 2005

From Out the Gloom... Parking.

I walked home from the Loop yesterday in the snow _ Madison & Wacker to Walton & Oakley. Traffic was frozen _ it took me 1.25 hours to get home _ it would've been twice that by taxi/bus. I was soaked when I arrived, and my legs burned, but I felt I had accomplished something. The experience was cathartic, I think. It got my brain working, and I might've figured something important out. We'll see on that one.

They just retired Scottie Pippen's number. I do feel bad for him. He'll always have that one guy ahead of him, and we'll always think of it that way. I suppose it'll be written down that way, too. Perhaps it's a valuable lesson for us mortals that there's always someone better than you at what you do. That's a rather depressing lesson, I suppose. That is, if you count what you do as the most important aspect of your being. There are other aspects, but you'll never see them honored in the same fashion.

What does it matter when we're all going to the same place? Ha. I had you going there. Merry Christmas.

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