Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Rambler

I should write in the middle of the night more often. That could be a theme blog _ which seems to be the way to succeed in this business. And by succeed, I mean... more than three readers. But seriously, how 'bout I set my alarm clock for 4 a.m. and then get up and write _ every night?

Writing. What's so great about being a writer? I suppose they get the final say in some cases. Maybe most cases. They can put the exclamation point (or semi-colon) on your career/life. Witness Peter Jennings and John Johnson. How do you get this privelege? A way with words? Why is that so important? They're the crystalline statues of human history, eh? They persist... provided you get that second run.

No one's going to be carving anything from Woundup into a public sculpture anytime soon. But, to lighten the mood... it's birthday season, and I have some gifts to buy. Some ideas have popped up. Some good ones. It happens to be my birthday this month, too. I don't have any ideas for myself _ maybe a nice bottle of wine I could share. A nice Italian dinner with friends. Or a public sculpture tour of Chicago... to see the Michael Bilandic bust is a definite must.

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