Thursday, August 11, 2005

One Word... Classy

Erika and I had a fantastic dinner last night at La Scarola on Grand. Fantastic. The walls of the place are covered with pics of local and national celebs _ heavy on media stars. And who did I see, grinning down at me from on high, but Chet "Chit-Chat" Coppock in a promo glossy straight from 1989.

I used to listen to the Chetster's evening sports show on AM 1000, the old WLUP _ that powerhouse of Chicago radio in the '80s and early '90s _ home of Jonathan Brandmeier, Kevin Matthews and Steve and Garry.

When I think Chicago, Jordan years, Mike Tomczak, Don Zimmer, WILL PERDUE _ I think Chet Coppock. I remember listening to the NBA draft on 'LUP in 1990. I was 14. And when we moved to Buffalo, I would try to find AM 1000 on my bedroom radio at night, remembering that the AM waves travelled farther. But I only found garbled whispers.

It was an honor to tread upon Chet's faded footsteps. Oh, don't worry, he's still here and going strong, and I'm sure he still eats at La Scarola. I recommend the macaroni arrabiata.

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