Monday, August 08, 2005

The Hour in the Middle of the Night

It's quarter-to-four a.m. I don't usually write this late/early, but I'm feeling inspired. I just finished a book, and a lot of you know the anxiety that goes along with that _ what to read next? Erika and I made some quality finds at the Communist bookstore on Ashland. So, I've been taking a few of those books around with me _ in the car, to the bar _ to test them out. I read them a little, feel their weight, look at the cover, etc. And if it feels right, I go for it. Erika has scolded me that I should read a novel again. Maybe I will.

Would we be happier if there were, in the course of the day/week, places/situations we could go to that would permit us to behave in a way we may no longer do? There's been a lot said about embracing the inner child. But I'm talking about embracing my inner 17 year old. He needs a place to be an awkward, sullen jagoff, too. Get a large group of people behaving this way... and you've got material for sketches for days. G.F.M. (grist for the mill)

I had some wine last night. After we got home, I took off all my clothes and fell asleep on the couch with the light on. I woke up a half hour ago, touched the three-day-old growth of beard on my face and felt like a transient. I'm going to crawl back into bed right now.

PS -- Hello to all new/past Woundup readers. I found out about two more people this weekend _ a wonderful surprise. This occurrence is what we in the WeBLoG business call an "organic sitemeter."

PPS -- Are time travel and telepathy two definite impossibilities in science? Is there someone working on them right now? I say this because, any day walking through the Loop, I feel the only place we can go in communication technology _ after we master the video phone _ is the "brain phone." This would be followed quickly by the "brain answering machine." Good night.

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