Monday, May 09, 2005

Look Away, Veal Cutlet. Look Away.

Yes, folks, you heard it right. After June 18, I'm going VEGETARIAN. It's part of our pre-nuptial pact: Erika quits smoking, and I quit meat.

My folks think Erika will have the harder time. I tend to agree, but the Donahues didn't ease my transition into greener pastures by ordering 24 pieces of Popeye's chicken yesterday.

I'll miss the many meats in my life: bacon, ribs, duck, catfish ... We've had some fine times together. A favorite meat memory? Anytime I strapped on a bib and joined my friends in devouring 50 wings at Duff's.

It's been a good run. Goodbye Italian beef pizza topping. Goodbye fried calamari. Goodbye chicken whopper. (sniff)

Of course, I can still eat cheese. Maybe this five-inch slab of triple-cream Havarti will dull the pain.

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