Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I Brought My Own Snifter

I, like all my blogging brethren, harbor a secret ambition to horn my way into the respectable writing world. And nothing's more respectable than the New York Times dining section's booze-tasting panel. Drinking high-end vodkas and Austrian Rieslings on the Times' dime is the only way to get hammered, in my opinion.

But until I get that call on the golden telephone, I must be content with my seat on the Tuman's Tavern tasting panel, which meets every Friday evening at 2:30 a.m. ...

Jason: Here's another one. A canned beer. (drinks) Brisk. Playful.

Mark: (drinks) Simple but... assertive?

Erika: (drinks) It tastes like the floor of a taxi. (removes the cover)

Mark: Old Style again.

Erika: Don't we have anything else?

Jason: Amstel Light.

(Pause. Jason puts the cover on another Old Style.)

Jason: Here's one. A canned beer...

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