Thursday, July 05, 2012

I shall return

Has it really been that long, Woundup fans? I see that the last true post I made here was when my daughter was four months old -- and my son wasn't yet even a twinkle in his parents' eyes after that Dr. Wayne Dyer seminar at the Oakbrook Marriott later that November ("Loving People, Vulnerable People, People People" ... it was half price with the hotel room).

Having a family -- and my increased workload at my last job -- necessitated a retirement that summer from blogging (and fantasy sports). Lately, mercifully, I've found some time and desire to return to the arena I so enjoyed from 2002-09. I'll spare you more nostalgia, which for some reason has been sweating out of me like gin from the pores of an East India Company bookkeeper, and simply invite you to read once again.

If you ever liked this blog, thank you for being a fan. If you are new, thank you for visiting. I've always just wanted to make people laugh and maybe learn to love again.

Remember: "Loving people are vulnerable people are people people. If you love yourself first, you have no time to love someone else. So ... love someone else and they will love you back. And then you should be covered ... Yeah, you should be all good then."

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