Friday, March 27, 2009

To mein readers

Well, at the end of a long week I suppose I should put in an appearance. What a week it's been. I found out, officially, that I'll be keeping my job here at the New Cracker Factory. We've also had both my mother and Erika's mom staying with us to help with baby care. Now I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet this weekend — just me, mom and baby.

March is almost over. One of the roughest months I've ever gotten through — although February might've been rougher. I'm thankful, though, for having family to help us and for gainful employment. And, of course, for our beautiful baby, who is getting bigger every day. It's pretty amazing to witness first-hand.

Next week I get to do some special writing stuff. I'll fill you in then. Have a good weekend.


ThumbTack said...

"peace and quiet," that's funny, man. babies are good for a lot of things -- not the least of which is being cute -- but peace and quiet? good luck with that! ;)

WoundUp Corp. said...

i was talking about my mother-in-law. if you met her, you'd understand. i can take the baby!