Thursday, December 28, 2006

New American Blind Closers

Someone stole a doorknob from our foyer door. They stole it along with two facing plates and loosened the knob on our inner door, causing it to fall off. Strange, right? The locks were untouched. Whoever it was only wanted those metal pieces. We have an on-going feud with two of our neighbors, both related, so we immediately thought of them -- though this is low/weird even by their standards. An unreliable source told our landlady that other houses on the block suffered similar thefts -- that people steal the vintage knobs to sell later. I took a quick look at the east end of the block the other day and saw only original knobs and facing plates. Who were these other victims?

I like our apartment. I don't necessarily like our block, even though a lot of young people like us live on it. The older folks -- the ones that have been there for years -- live by the annoying, meddlesome code of the classic city neighborhood: knowing other people's business, caring a little too much about the look of the block, etc. My generation has been criticized for its interest in social isolation and anonymity. Lately, I've learned to see a bit of the good in these supposedly negative states.

"Stay out of my business. I don't want to fucking talk to you." They should put it on the quarter. The new American motto!

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