Thursday, June 02, 2005

How Bad Ideas are Born

I promise! Not another post about how I don't write in here anymore. I do write in here anymore. I'm writing right now as you read this. In fact, I'm only a few words ahead of you, that's how fresh this copy is.

Now there's a WeBLoG idea. The writer tries to outpace the reader. There'd have to be a timer. Would it be quality? Some real gems could squeeze out, but I imagine most would be dross.

Work, work, work. Let's go to work. Tonight we work. I'm getting fucking sick of the banter on the desk today. I need some earplugs. AHA! Another idea! Canned office chatter on tape. Are you a data entry specialist who works alone? Or are you sick of the idiotic noise invading your cubicle? Just pop in a tape. Choices include...
_ insurance office
_ dentist's office
_ taxi dispatching office
_ Fed EX warehouse office (now with PA announcements)
_ Cook County probate court records office (NEW!)

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