Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy's on the drink again

Now that we have a converter box and get WYCC without static, one question has dominated my mind more than any other: How could one country (Canada) produce both the funniest TV show of all time ("The Kids in the Hall") and the un-funniest TV show of all time ("The Red Green Show")?

Still, I think I'd hang out at the Possum Lodge if I had the chance.


ThumbTack said...

red green unfunny? absolutely untrue! the humo(u)r is just more your father's groaningly bad puns than Kids' brain-blazingly sharp wit!

the REAL question is how lorne michaels could produce both the best comedy sketch show ever, as well as the stodgiest, unfunniest sketch comedy on modern television.

WoundUp Corp. said...

Red Green is terrible! It's the sound of brain cells dying.