Monday, May 22, 2006

The Woundup That Once Was

I have become... well, I am what I once, uh... I have become the thing I... I am now the thing I once thought I would never become. Yes.

Tonight, Erika and I will go see Office at Schubas. And... yes, it's been a slow day, so... I looked at the Schubas Web site. Looked at the types of beer offered, etc.

I once... I would have a little tipple of rum, climb on Ted's undersized bike and ride down Kent to the Rock Star Bar and see four or five very good bands play. I never... researched the show. I had a flier, or I heard about it, word-of-mouth. I knew what time it started. I went. No questions. No planning. I went. I often went to shows 3-4 nights out of the week.

Now... well, I can't remember the last time I saw a band play (my ears are thanking me for it). So, it's a big occasion. I have to... look up the address online (I don't just know it). I have to think about parking (now I have a car). And... the most important... I must check the start time to see if it'll keep me up to late. I used to stay up so late...

This isn't to say I miss it. I like being a... one-concert-a-monther. Fine. I accept... uh... Grant me the... courage... Grant me the courage... to. To. Accept. Uh... Grant me the courage to accept... I've forgotten it.

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